Prom & Prejudice

A high school senior's life changes forever when she meets a mysterious stranger with a dark secret. A personalized romance perfect for fans of Twilight, True Blood and Vampire Diaries!

This timeless teen romance begins with a chance encounter in a darkened library, when a bright, book-loving high school student has her life saved by a captivating stranger with haunting eyes and a terrible secret: he’s doomed to a bloodthirsty immortality as a vampire.

Instantly drawn to the magnetic but elusive hero, our determined heroine (helped by her best friend) tracks him down despite his efforts to protect her from the truth.  As much as the creature of the night wants to hide, he too can't stay away from the sensitive, intelligent young woman who mesmerizes him.

Finally the two are brought together by another life-threatening incident, and they can no longer deny their feelings for one another. But slowly our heroine realizes there's more to this elegant young man with the old-fashioned speech and knightly demeanor.

She digs at the truth until she learns his tragic past and dangerous nature. Her loyalty is tested: can they really have a future together? She is determined to remain steadfast and believes love will overcome their problems. Our hero has doubts and doesn’t know if the future holds hope … or heartbreak. He's all-too-aware of the danger that surrounds him and is fiercely protective of our heroine (though she's strong enough to take care of herself). While he's able to curb his desire to make the heroine one of his own kind, how long can his strength last in the face of such temptation?

This classic tale of forbidden romance is filled with suspense, tension, as well as a touch of humor. You can personalize four of our lead characters: the sexy, otherwordly, dangerous but sophisticated hero; the smart, compassionate, determined and brave heroine; the hero's cynical yet supportive vampire best friend; and the loyal, fun-loving girl who's our heroine's best friend.

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First Bite is based on our hugely successful Vampire Kisses romance novel, and has been rewritten and adapted for a teen audience.

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Our readers respond

"Wow! I got this book for my birthday from my BFF who knows I love Twilight and all things vampirey. It was amazing! So fun to star opposite a certain guy who'll remain nameless, playing the ultimate sexy bad boy. My friend was in it too and her character was just like her, BTW. I demand a sequel NOW! Just kidding but seriously, I'd buy it in a second. I want more!!! "
- Sofie M., WI, USA

"Gave my 15-year-old 'First Bite' since she's such a fan of supernatural novels. She was thrilled and couldn't wait to show her friends her own gothic love story. (...) I especially like that the leads are both smart and love books, and though there's plenty of passion things aren't too 'adult' or graphic. Though I'm sure my daughter wouldn't have minded, considering how 'hot' the hero was (her words)."
- Merrilee K., AZ, USA

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