Meet a magical, wish-granting creature in 'Two Children and It', a professionally bound, 130-page novel with your child's name and features throughout the story.  Friends and  family complete the cast. A gift they can't put down!

Two Children and It


Two Children and It is a wonderful tale originally written by the renowned children's novelist, Edith Nesbit.  Book By You has modernized Nesbit's classic "Five Children and It" (which has recently been adapted for film) and created Two Children and It.  Our version includes four personalized characters: two children, an adult (who imparts occasional words of wisdom) and a pet!

The story centers around our two main characters who are on summer vacation.  One day, while our dynamic duo are playing in an old gravel pit, (digging a hole to Australia) they uncover a most unusual creature.

This extraordinary creature has eyes  on long horns like a snail's, and it can move them in and out like telescopes; it has ears like a bat's, and its tubby body is shaped like a spider's and covered with thick soft fur. It has hands and feet like a monkey's!

I think I have fleas!Now that you've met the 'It' in our story, we should let you know that its proper name is a 'Psammead'
(pronounced "Sammyead"), and it really is quite a find. The sand-fairy, as the children call it, is an ancient, ugly, irritable and cantankerous creature - its only redeeming feature is that it can grant wishes! 

It grants our characters a wish a day that lasts until sunset.  Of course, our friends are overjoyed with this discovery; instantly thinking of all the wishes they've always wanted.

I can fly - buy this book or I'll jump!But no matter how carefully the children plan - their wishes keep backfiring.  For example, our characters wish to be 'as handsome and attractive as a beautiful day' the only problem is they are so beautiful that they don't recognize each other and neither does anyone else! 

Of course, asking for wealth is the classic wish but little do our friends suspect that spending gold coins would be so difficult. (You try and buy a chocolate bar with a ancient gold coin!) 

Whether it's wishing for wings or a castle with a moat - each wish results in some very unexpected predicaments.  Gift Certficates from Book By YouThe message eventually becomes clear; be careful what you wish for - you may just get it!

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