Mystical creatures come alive in 'The Golden Key', a  professionally bound, 130-page novel with your child's name and features throughout the story.  Friends and family complete the cast. A gift they can't put down!

The Golden Key


We are pleased to present The Golden Key. This novel (perfect for children ages 6-10) was the first of our Folklore Fantasies series of personalized children's books, and was selected because of its rich values and traditional fairytale qualities.

The story is broadly adapted from 'The Golden Key', originally written in 1867 by George MacDonald. As with all of MacDonald's stories, children can let their imaginations run wild and The Golden Key is no exception; feathered fish that fly, animals that talk, the 'Old Man of the Sea' and the 'Land of Shadows' all provide a backdrop where age is timeless and as people become older their inner knowledge and wisdom make them appear younger!

The Golden Key is a classic fairy tale of wizards, mystical worlds and remarkable escapades that will amuse, excite and delight the imaginations of both young and old alike. Great as a bedtime story or as a chapter book for children of reading age. The power of personalization cannot be ignored as a motivational reading tool! Plus The Golden Key is not your average adventure book; themes such as the value of friendship, perseverance and following your dreams are explored and uniquely presented in a manner only possible through a full-length personalized novel.

The story is non-stop adventure...

After finding a golden key, our personalized characters' quest changes from seeking riches and wealth to finding the door that their key opens. The journey takes a more mysterious tone as they cross the 'Land of Shadows' where shadows are everywhere but the objects that cast them are nowhere to be found! It is the well known childhood activity of casting hand shadows that inspires our personalized characters. To add to the reading enjoyment, and to make the story more interactive, we've included personalized illustrations of the hand shadows highlighted in the story.

Gift Certficates from Book By YouDuring their trek across the Land of Shadows our characters become separated and lost. The Old Man of the Earth, The Old and of the Sea, and the oldest man of all, The Old Man of Fire help to reunite our gallant duo but not without first realizing the power of friendship and perseverance

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