Uncover 'The Book of Dragons', with four adventure-filled short stories in a professionally bound, 130-page book with your child's name and features.  Friends and  family complete the cast. A gift they can't put down!

The Book of Dragons


The Book of Dragons is 130 pages of excitement that spans four short stories. Our personalized characters are daring, cunning and courageous as they deal with all kinds of dragons - some friendly and some dangerous!

In our first story, The Ice Dragon, our main characters embark on a hazardous trip to the North Pole to investigate the Aurora Borealis. Soon they reach their destination only to discover a group of dwarf seals and a frozen Ice Dragon guarding the massive shaft of the North Pole, towering high above the icy tundra.  After overcoming many obstacles, our characters thaw and befriend the Ice Dragon and in the process they learn the secret of the Northern Lights.

Our second story includes the main character's name in the title and is called, Kind (Personalized Name).  As depicted in its title, our main character is quite kind, but is also mischievous; constantly in trouble at school for being too inquisitive - always inventing new contraptions to baffle the teachers and classmates.  It is with this backdrop that our main character and friend decide to investigate the horrendous animal sounds echoing from the caves in the mountains adjacent to their hometown. In their travels, our characters awaken a monstrous sleeping dragon that eventually swallows the entire town with one quick gulp. Our main characters befriend a witty and cunning Cockatrice that masterminds a plan to deal with the dragon and regain the town - but not without some trickery and humor on the part of our personalized characters!

Gift Certficates from Book By YouOne of our favorite stories in the book is, The Deliverers of Their Country.  This story begins with our main character having something fly into their eye!  But that's just the beginning!  When the object is removed a wriggling microscopic baby dragon is discovered!  Over the next few days dragons take over the world, causing destruction and chaos.  Even anti-dragon cream and dragon proof curtains cannot contain the havoc of the ever-widening population of dragons.  Both children and adults are restricted by a daytime curfew that only allow people to leave the safety of their homes after dark - because that's when the dragons sleep; the world seems doomed. Eventually our main character and best friend can no longer take the curfew restrictions and they venture forth into the daylight - the world controlled by dragons!  Our characters' mission is to save the world. With much courage and determination - they do just that - with the thanks and gratitude of the nation!

Book of DragonsThe final story, The Last Dragon, is aptly named because it is about our personalized characters saving the last dragon in the world!  You see, it has been a time honored ritual for children to slay a local dragon when passing into adulthood. Over the centuries thousands of dragons have met their fate, but our characters have devised a plan to save the last dragon! This adventure is fraught with danger, because for the Last Dragon to have survived this long it must be the most cunning and vicious creature to walk the face of the earth! The story describes the power of friendship and trust that our personalized characters use to befriend the Last Dragon and bring him back to their hometown. 

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