'The Amulet' takes you to a world of magic and adventure in this professionally bound, 130-page novel with your child's name and features throughout the story. Friends and  family complete the cast. A gift they can't put down!

The Amulet


Discover The Amulet, the Book By You adventure that sweeps your child off into a world of exploration and magic! A trip to Pharaoh's temple, a ride on a Phoenician ship, and a fast zip into the future are just some of the escapades for our main character and friend chronicled in this delightful adventure story.

The Amulet is the sequel to Two Children and It, which first introduced readers to the mysterious sand-fairy creature called the Psammead. This time, the Psammead joins the children on a journey across a magical backdrop in a search for their favorite and beloved pet - guided by an ancient amulet.

Traveling through time, the youngsters experience a number of exploits first hand — they make friends with an Egyptian, introduce a sea captain to a compass, and help place a major archeological find in a museum.

This adaptation of noted author Edith Nesbit’s text from a century ago brings an up-to-date flavor to the children’s exploits. Any person of your choice can be the star of this story that is an entertaining and amusing enchantment for young and old.

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Haven't read Two Children and It yet? No problem! Though The Amulet continues the story begun in the last book, the novel is complete on its own - readers will be able to jump right into the action.

Of course, if you want to see how the whole magical adventure begins, order Two Children and It as well and double the fun!  You may also want to order The Phoenix and the Carpet to complete the trilogy.

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