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Below we have listed our most Frequently Asked Questions. To see the answers, click on the question. If you can't find the answer to a particular question, click here to contact us by email, or call us toll free 1-877-898-1440.   Check out our Gift Guide to find the perfect present for your loved one. Need a gift today? Click here for last minute gift suggestions.

What are the stories about?  
Do you offer same-sex novels?  
How 'steamy' are the love scenes?
What do the books look like and how many pages are they?
How long does it take for a book to be processed and delivered?
What is a personalized Gift Announcement?
How much does a personalized book cost?
What about shipping costs and multiple books? Shipping to UK and Europe?
What types of payment do you accept?  What about security?
Can I include a pet other than a dog or cat?
Must I answer all the questions in the Character Questionnaire?
Can I have the book shipped to an alternate address?
How can I add a photo to the back cover?
Do you offer gift wrapping?
How can I check my order status after purchase?
Can I become an Book By You® affiliate?
How do I get my eBook onto my eReader?
Which eReaders are Book By You®'s personalized eBooks compatible with?
How do I read my eBook on my Kindle?

  Q. What are the stories about?

  A. All of our personalized romance novels contain a touching romantic theme with humor carefully intertwined throughout. We have 33 titles to choose from (click on a title to see a free personalized demonstration):

Captain Stupendo takes an intimate and amorous view of the superhero underworld! Our heroine seeks romance and is a Class A superhero and a talented communicator, capable of speaking the language of all creatures human and otherwise. Our hero is a reluctant strongman, a Class C superhero, not at all anxious for the publicity that inevitably follows his super-strength exploits. Inevitably, this pair of superheroes fall in love, but their demanding schedules leave our couple separated and confused, desperately searching for each other in a world filled with evildoers and dangerous creatures. Follow the twisted path to their unexpected reunion in Captain Stupendo, a truly heroic love story for the ages!

In Touchdown for Love, our irresistible heroine is a big league agent in the high stakes world of professional football and she never mixes business with pleasure. After dealing with the oversized egos of many of the league’s star players, she expects no better from the newest client on her roster. But our hard-hitting hero has brains and charm to match his breathtaking good looks, and soon he tries to rush his way into her heart. With her own ambition and passion for football, our heroine is determined to ignore her feelings... unless our football bad boy, can convince her to join him in the end zone!

In Art of Romance, a ruthless thief interrupts a museum's plans for a local art exhibit. Our heroine, the museum's conservator with a keen eye and talent for trouble, suspects a 200-year-old mystery lies behind the crime. Her examination of one particular painting leads to an astonishing discovery -- a deadly secret of long-lost gold that the artist took to his grave. Our brave and sizzling-hot detective hero isn't certain the truth lies in the distant past ... especially when a terrifying attack nearly ends the heroine's own history. Fighting back, she deciphers the clues with her friend, a historian, as the hero and his pilot buddy also fly to the rescue. Can all four hunt down the gold and the thief -- before the thief finds them? Initially our heroine and hero clash as they each try to solve the crime but neither expected the adventure to include romance.

In Book By You’s first parody, Fifty Shades of You!, the tables are turned and the heroine is a rich and powerful business owner and our hero is a naïve college student. Something about him makes our heroine want to introduce him to her own particular favorite past-times! The heroine goes out of her way to get to know the hero and to ensnare him in her world – and he doesn’t seem to mind!

As the passion starts to boil, the humor starts to roll. From burning beds to slippery bath tubs, the heroine and the hero have more than their fair share of trouble on the road to finding true happiness. In the battle for dominance, whoever wields the crop may not be the person in control. "More" is not a great safe word! Fifty Shades of You includes profanity and steamier, more descriptive sexual scenes than most of our romance books.

In Z Love, our ex-cop heroine decides to take a vacation at her cottage in a remote town where there are more trees than people. She’s expecting a relaxing, worry-free break from her exhausting work as a private investigator in the big city - not to mention she looking forward to the added bonus of her next-door neighbor, our hunky scientist hero. But when the neighbors start acting suspiciously, our heroine's vacation takes a turn for the worse. Passion, zombies and romance - it's doesn't get any better! This novel contains several spicy loves scenes.

In Love Factor, our heroine is a talented music producer coerced into coaching singers on a hit new reality TV show. It turns out that being on camera 24/7 is a lot harder than she anticipated — especially when one of the other coaches, our hero, is a roguish rock star who seems naturally inclined to push all her buttons.

In Dark Embrace, Our hero is a gifted Shadow Ward who tracks lost souls and leads them to their eternal rest—a peace denied them during life. His instincts fail when he’s drawn to the home of a lovely, lethal woman who immediately binds him to her by a web of black lace. She is a vampire of souls, destined to feed on a human’s life force... which eventually kills her victims. Slowly they accept one another—and soon deeper feelings develop. But the grim truth is that only one can survive. Who will be called upon to make the ultimate sacrifice? Dark Embrace is perfect for anyone who loves gothic paranormal romances with dark atmosphere and lots of passion.

Wedding Favors is a humorous, romantic look at the behind-the-scenes chaos of organizing a wedding. Our personalized heroine is a talented baker who volunteers to help a friend with her upcoming nuptials, not realizing just how frenzied things will get! She soon bumps into (literally) a genuine Nice Guy, our hero, who's also lending a hand with the wedding as a friend of the groom-to-be. Despite their obvious chemistry, our heroine wants nothing to do with romance, having sworn off dating for a long while. But our good-natured hero (with a little help from the heroine's best friend) manages to get behind her defenses, and soon our lovely baker has something far sweeter to deal with than acres and acres of her chocolate desserts. Wedding Favors is suitable for all audiences, and a great match for anyone looking for a light, non-erotic romance.

By Magic Bound is a romantic fantasy where our spell-casting hero is a powerful Water Mage searching for the Siren's Eye, an ancient gem needed to prevent the destruction of the world. Also looking for the treasure is our heroine, a trouble-making treasure-hunter with a talent for illegal magic. Despite their conflicting personalities they team up on the quest, aided by their friends, a wisecracking Crow, and a witch with an agenda of her own. With plenty of obstacles in their path, including a sinister  foe also seeking the Siren's Eye, our hero and heroine must work together to save the world... and soon they realize love is the most powerful magic in the universe.

Fierce Moon sweeps our modern heroine back in time to Victorian England, where she meets a brilliant, dashing detective who's intrigued by her independent spirit. Our heroine joins the hunt for a vicious serial killer known as The Beast, little realizing that she's the murderer's target ... or that the detective is hiding a deadly secret of his own: when the full moon rises, this cool, sophisticated genius turns into a savage werewolf! Is the killer hiding beneath his respectable facade? Pulse-pounding romantic suspense, gothic atmosphere, heartfelt emotion, and dark twists make Fierce Moon the perfect gift for anyone who's dreamed of fog-shrouded nights and wild passion.

Starstruck takes place in the future, where a starship commander known as a daredevil and thrill-seeking gambler takes on his toughest mission: escorting our heroine, a famously demanding diplomat, to negotiate a high-stakes treaty between warring aliens. Once our cynical hero meets this challenging and courageous woman responsible for bringing peace to the Alpha Sector, their clashing personalities (and instant chemistry) could spark a battle of their own. Starstruck is sure to please any Star Trek or Battlestar Galactica fan!

In Click for Love our leading lady is an up-and-coming fashion designer who's sworn off Internet dating for good after some disastrous dates. But when her best friend posts our heroine's profile on a new site, she meets an intriguing admirer. Our hero is a strikingly handsome investment wizard who's given up life in the fast lane to focus on helping charities. He's smitten with our heroine but disapproves of the fashion industry, and doesn't know that he has serious competition from an online admirer whose instant messages aim directly at our heroine's heart! Misunderstandings and mismatches continue the fun. Anyone who's found romance (or even just frustration) will get a kick out of Click for Love. 

In Racing Hearts, our heroine is a high-powered sponsor's representative, responsible for contending with the company's egotistical star race driver (her soon-to-be ex-boyfriend), as well as signing an up-and-coming racer--our hero, an incredibly sexy and skilled driver. Sparks fly but our ambitious heroine’s greatest dream is to be behind the wheel of her own car, and she doesn't want anything to make her veer off-course. Zoom across the country from Daytona to Las Vegas. Along the way you'll find pit stops for romantic encounters, sexy wagers, secret deals, and a nail-biting race that puts both our hero and our heroine behind the wheel!

ER Fever depicts the fast-paced world of a hospital emergency room, where life and death decisions depend on quick thinking and clear headed decisions.  One of the ER's shining stars is a gifted ER nurse, who's forsaken love for the night shift... until one night, when a dashing and brilliant doctor joins her team. Our heroine can only resist his charms for so long, but just as our hero is winning her heart and her trust, his past comes back to haunt them both – threatening their budding romance and their careers.  With life-saving action, locker room trysts, a heart-stopping boardroom scene and several spicy love scenes, ER Fever tells the story of true love.

In the wild west of Western Rendezvous, our heroine is a rare, remarkable woman who can successfully run her own hotel and saloon, the Wild Rose. Business is going well until roguish railway executive poses as a foreman blasts into her hotel and her heart like a runaway locomotive. He has secret plan to buy the Wild Rose, no matter the cost. When he meets the stunning owner, he must choose between profit and pleasure. Will our hero deny his growing feelings by going ahead with his plan, or will he be lassoed by love? It'll take two bar room brawls, a rampaging bull and a tornado to find out! The only thing that's certain is that these two are in for the ride of their lives.

Vampire Kisses unfolds on a modern day college campus where our heroine, a brilliant researcher, meets an enigma of a man who sweeps her off her feet. Our hero has a frustrating habit of disappearing quicker than a lightning bolt. Together with her best friend, our leading lady sets out to find our mystery man in a campus spy game. When our hero and heroine finally connect, a love affair begins.. until our heroine discovers our hero's terrible secret: he's a vampire! Afraid of harming her, he sends her away - even though it breaks his unbeating heart. Will this tortured twosome find happiness? A classic romance tale that will satisfy anyone addicted to Twilight, True Blood, Vampire Diaries, Anne Rice's novels, or the classic Dracula.

Pirates of Desire is set in the late 1700s, where a lady of the Court has a passion for the open seas and all things 'pirate'. This trouble-finding heroine convinces her best friend to take a forbidden trip on a merchant ship. The ship is captured by the notorious pirate, the Sea Wolf (our hero), but the vessel and our heroine are eventually freed. Our leading lady has her heart and mind seized by this infamous rogue and she devises a way to gain his confidence by boarding his pirate ship and masquerading as a male pirate. The stakes are high as she both infuriates and infatuates our hero, eventually capturing his heart on the high seas of love when he discovers her true character.

Tropical Treasure puts you into the contestant's seat of a televised game show called TreasureQuest, complete with humorously sadistic host, backstabbing contestants, and risky challengesOur heroine wants to play the game fairly and ethically; her rival, our hero, has less high-minded strategies. Together they compete, clash, and try to fight their mutual desire. As the cameras catch every second of their interaction, millions of viewers are rooting for them, but bedlam, backstabbing, and sabotage could prove their downfall. Can our hero and heroine trust each other, or are their feelings just part of the game? The stakes are high: $1 million... and true love! Satire, romance, adventure and passion... Tropical Treasure has it all.

In Medieval Passion, our headstrong heroine wants nothing to do with her betrothed, our handsome hero.  She believes herself to be in love with another, a knight whose intentions are less than noble. But with the undivided support and advice from the heroine's best friend, and the power of true love, our heroine finds her one and only knight in shining armor is really our courageous hero. 

The heroine of Love's Next Door is a magazine editor in a big city who moves back to her home town and finds her old high school crush (hero) living next door.  There's one catch - our hero has a girlfriend, but of course, she's a nasty bit of business (our female villain) and totally unsuitable for our hero.  It's only a matter of time before the girlfriend is 'toast' and our heroine has the boy next door under her spell. The heroine and her best friend use fun and comical practical jokes to help our hero see the light and fall in love with our heroine. Love's Next Door will tickle your funny-bone and bring you to happy tears at the same time!

  Q. Do you offer same-sex novels? Yes!

We offer same-sex romance novels, specifically written and adapted for gay and lesbian couples: For guys, we have Hot Blooded, a darkly erotic take on a classic vampire romance, where a powerful immortal and a college professor are drawn to each other and give in to desire despite the terrifying risk of their own destruction. 

For women, Seduction Games whisks our heroines off to a tropical island... where they're contestants in a reality TV show filled with bedlam and backstabbing (and plenty of off-camera passion!). As the show broadcasts their affair around the world, can a heartbroken woman with strong ethics learn to trust her wily, fierce competitor? 

In Fifty Shades of Gay F/F, our powerful and dominant heroine gets more than she bargained for with a hot, butch, and far-too-innocent college girl with a lot to learn about the pleasures of submission. Soon, the two are spiraling through a universe of passion and pleasure -- and a fair bit of comical mayhem.

In Fifty Shades of Gay M/M, our powerful and dominant hero gets more than he bargained for with a hot and far-too-innocent college boy with a lot to learn about the pleasures of submission. Soon, the two are spiraling through a universe of passion and pleasure -- and a fair bit of comical mayhem.

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  Q. How 'steamy' are the love scenes?

  A. In our romance novels the sexual tension and excitement build with each encounter between our heroine and hero. (Often with a practical joke or tidbit of humor to add to the mix!)  Most of the love scenes are fun and romantic with lots of rolling around and heavy breathing.

The scenes in Hot Blooded, our same-sex novel for men, are the most erotic and contain graphic sex and language. Fifty Shades of You includes profanity and very descriptive sexual scenes. Z Love, Seduction Games, By Magic Bound, Fierce Moon and ER Fever are the next spiciest. The rest of our books have been carefully written to present passion and love without explicit language or actions. We have something for everyone! Wedding Favors has no sex scenes, just sweet kisses (both chocolate and the other kind!).

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  Q. What do the books look like and how many pages are they?

  A. Love's Next Door is 150 pages, Medieval Passion 160 pages, Z Love, Dark Embrace, Wedding Favors, Tropical Treasure, Vampire Kisses, Pirates of Desire, Western Rendezvous and ER Fever are approximately 180 pages, Racing Hearts, Click for Love, Starstruck and Hot Blooded are 195 pages, Seduction Games is 200 pages, and Fierce Moon and By Magic Bound and Wedding Favors are 202 pages. Fifty Shades of You is approximately 230 pages.

Our novels are professionally bound and are available in both paperback, hardcover and ebook editions. For paperbacks and hardcovers we use a 'perfect binding' process, which means each book looks and feels just like a classic paperback or hardcover novel—except infinitely better, because it's personalized!

The covers are printed in dazzling full-color, with several options available for customization. You can even upload a photo and have it appear on the back cover, along with personalized text previewing the book. (We use the names you provide to personalize the back cover text when the photo cover option is selected.)  You can also upload a photo for your personalized ebook and it appears in the first few pages of your novel and looks terrific! (For a limited time - the photo upload option is free for ebooks.

Our books are the same size as standard paperbacks and hardcovers: paperbacks are 4 1/4" x 7" (11cm x 18 cm) and hardcovers are 5 3/4" x 8 5/8" (14.5cm x 21.90cm). Ebooks are available in ePub and PDF formats and are immediately downloadable upon order.

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  Q. How long does it take for a book to be processed and delivered?

  A. See the chart below for a current delivery schedule outlining the various shipping options. Please note that the delivery dates are different for paperback and hardcover editions. You will also find this chart on the order form, where you'll be asked to select a shipping option. We print our books in print runs that occur multiple times a week and daily during peak seasons such as Christmas and Valentine's. Depending on the timing of our next print run and the delivery option you select, you could receive your book in two to ten days.   Check out our Gift Guide to find the perfect present for your loved one. Need a gift today? Click here for last minute gift suggestions.

1st Class Mail   $0.00 Wednesday, Sep. 30 Wednesday, Sep. 30
Priority Post   $0.00 Wednesday, Sep. 30 Wednesday, Sep. 30
Courier Express**   $0.00 Wednesday, Sep. 30 Wednesday, Sep. 30
International Air Mail   $0.00 Wednesday, Sep. 30 Wednesday, Sep. 30
International Courier***   $0.00 Wednesday, Sep. 30
Ebooks are available for download immediately upon order.
* Orders containing both paperbacks and hardcovers will be shipped together.
** Courier shipments within North America by Federal Express or UPS.
*** Courier to International locations by Federal Express.

Need to present a gift immediately, as in today? Don't worry, print a personalized Gift Announcement!  It's a classy way to say your gift is on its way. It can be printed immediately from our website now! To find out more, and see a personalized sample of a Gift Announcement, click here. It's almost as good as the real thing - they'll 2hearts2.gif (1258 bytes) you for it!  Also, download a personalized ebook edition to give and read while you're waiting for the printed book to arrive.

If you are worried about the delivery time of your novel, email us at or call 1-877-898-1440 and let us know - we will do our best to expedite the delivery.

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  Q. What is a personalized Gift Announcement?

  A. The personalized Gift Announcement is a certificate that is created and personalized by you and can be printed from our website immediately and given to the recipient of the novel.  You add your spouse or friend's name to the Gift Announcement to create a touching message that shows the recipient that you've taken the time and care to find a creative and fun gift. The gift announcement is created after you've placed your order and is part of the order confirmation page provided after completing the character questionnaire. To find out more, and see a personalized sample of a Gift Announcement, click here.  Remember, it's never too late to say I love you!

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  Q. How much does a personalized book cost?  What about multiple books?  Do you ship to the UK and Europe?

  A. The cost for each book within the continental United States and Canada is $39.95 for paperbacks and $59.95 for hardcovers (USD/CDN), plus shipping. We also offer Priority Post and Courier Express shipping options.

We ship worldwide and have many international customers, including the UK and Europe. Books shipped outside North America are billed in US dollars and charged an additional $0 shipping and handling. International courier shipping options are also available to many countries for an additional $0.   For international orders, click for a currency calculator.

For orders to a single address, only one fee is charged no matter how many books are shipped. This also applies to expedited shipping options.  

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  Q. What types of payment do you accept?  What about security?

A. We can process your order online and accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal.  Our server uses SSL (Secure Socket Level) encryption. SSL ensures that the transmission of your transaction is safe and secure. 

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  Q. Can I include a pet other than a dog or cat?

  A. Unfortunately, no.  You may love, hug and cuddle your pet iguana, snake or pot bellied pig but we can't include them in the story. The personalized storyline was developed for a dog or cat. 

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  Q. Must I answer all the questions in the Character Questionnaire?

  A. We provide defaults for many of the selections in our books, but it is always better if you personalize as many of the characteristics as possible. If you are unsure about a characteristic, don't worry: remember, it's a fantasy, so you can put something outlandish or humorous!  If you can't remember or don't know a character's last name,  leave it blank - a space or blank will not appear in the book. (However, for some novels, particularly our line of personalized classics, each character field is required.)

Characteristics such as 'Friend's Hair' and 'Eye Color' are not mentioned often in the book so don't worry if you can't remember all the characteristics! 

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  Q.  How can I add a photo to the book's back cover?

  A. While filling in the character questionnaire for your book order, select the option to include a photo to customize the back cover.  After clicking the "submit" button, you'll be taken to a page where you can select and upload a photograph of the hero and/or heroine you've chosen for your personalized novel. Before you upload, be sure to follow the important guidelines and technical requirements!

An additional fee of only $14.95 will be added to your final total; no extra processing time is required.  Best of all, when the book arrives your customized novel's back cover will beautifully display the image of the real star of the adventure -- whether it's you, your loved one or a friend!

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  Q. Do you offer gift wrapping?

No, but all of our books arrive tucked in a highly attractive gold Mylar envelope, which looks terrific on its own or decorated with your own bow or ribbon.

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  Q. Can I have the book shipped to an alternate address?

  A. YES!  At the bottom of the Character Questionnaire, we provide a place to specify the address to which you want the book shipped. Also of note, we will ship to international countries for an additional $0 shipping & handling. 

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  Q. How can I check my order status?

  A. It's easy! Just visit our new Order Status page and log in, using your last name and order ID number.  (This is the six-digit number sent to you in the confirmation email after you made your purchase.)  Once logged in to our secure page, you'll find printing,  delivery and tracking information for your order. (Please note: tracking numbers are only available for orders placed using our Courier Express delivery option.)

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  Q. Can I become an Book By You® affiliate?

  A. Yes. If you have a website that fits with any of the Book By You® book formats (romance, teen & kids), we can provide additional new revenues through your website through our comprehensive affiliate program. Click here for more information about our affiliate program. If you are already an affiliate, click here to login to your account.

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  Q. How do I get my eBook onto my eReader?

  A. Upon purchasing your eBook on the Book By You® website, you will be given an option to open or download either the PDF or EPUB file of your book.  You will also receive an email with this same option.

If you choose to open the file…
If your eReader is connected to wifi, or you are able to surf the internet on your device (e.g. iPad/iPhones, etc.), you can open the book directly on your eReader and start reading right away!

If you choose to download the file…
Once you have downloaded your selected file to your computer, you can then open it on your eReader via the device's specific instructions.  This is usually by sending the eBook to your eReader's email address provided by the device, or by connecting your eReader to your computer and transferring it that way.

This process may vary depending on what device you are using, so if you run into issues, check your device's specifications for troubleshooting details.

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  Q. Which eReaders are Book By You®'s personalized eBooks compatible with?

  A. Book By You® eBooks are available in PDF and EPUB formats, which are supported by Nook, iPad/iPhone, Kobo, and Sony eReaders, among others (see your device's specifications for more details).  Adobe Digital Editions also supports many eReader devices and can be helpful for eBook conversions.

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  Q. How do I read my eBook on my Kindle?

  A. Book By You®'s eBooks can be read in PDF format on the Kindle, or you can use a free program to convert your EPUB to a Kindle-compatible file via Calibre or KindleGen.

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Only $39.95

Fall in love
with all our romances!

Dark Embrace

A man who guides lost souls to their final rest finds that his latest assignment isn't dead: she's undead, a vampire who feeds on energy—and our hero is her latest victim. A personalized paranormal romance perfect for fans of True Blood!

Wedding Favors

This sweet tale features all the chaos and frenzy of wedding preparations. A lovely baker determined to remain single meets a handsome, generous guy as they both help their friends organize their wedding. Will this harried pair find their own way to the altar?

By Magic Bound

In this romantic fantasy novel, a powerful, duty-bound Wager Mage and a reckless, mercenary heroine must return a stolen gem before it destroys the world. Can such a pair of opposites save the world?

Fierce Moon

In this suspenseful werewolf romance, a modern woman is swept back in time to Victorian England and meets a brilliant, dashing detective with a deadly secret. Is our heroine falling in love with a true Beast?


In our first sci-fi romance, a daring, sexy starship captain clashes with a brave, beautiful diplomat while negotiating with warring aliens. Can they survive the final frontier of love?

Click for Love

In this Internet dating romance, our ambitious and irresistible heroine must decide between her perfect virtual match and our hero who is determined to win her heart!

Racing Hearts

A skilled, sexy race car driver negotiates dangerous curves when he meets an ambitious heroine with dreams of NASCAR glory.

ER Fever

When a no-nonsense nurse clashes with a dreamy doctor in a fast-paced hospital ER, the prognosis is positive: it's a serious case of love!

Western Rendezvous

In this Wild West romp, our sexy, scheming hero tries to outwit the beautiful, feisty owner of a saloon - but she'll never back down without a fight!

Medieval Passion

In defiance of an arranged marriage, our heroine falls for a roguish knight. Who will win the duel for her heart?

Tropical Treasure

As contestants clash in a reality TV show, the real prize is romance. The game of love has never been so wickedly funny!

Pirate's of Desire

Our headstrong, highborn heroine goes overboard for a strong, sexy outlaw in this seafaring romantic adventure!

Vampire Kisses

Can someone be a hero and villain at the same time? Discover your heart's most dangerous desire!

Love's Next Door

Longtime friendship leads to much more when our hero and heroine learn that love can be found where you least expect it!

Hot Blooded

A human college professor and an immortal vampire struggle with their forbidden desires in this same-sex romance novel for men.

Seduction Games

Two very different women clash and compete while their mutual attraction becomes impossible to deny in this same-sex romance novel for women.

My wife absolutely loved the book...she is telling everyone about it. I'm the best husband ever!
- Chris
Received my book and I'm thrilled! Also sent one to my husband in Iraq - this will bring me a little closer to him even though we're far away. Thank you!
- Jennifer

Fall in Love with All Our Romances!