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New Personalized Children's Novel
The Secret Code

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London, Ontario, Canada - November 25, 2009: Book By You® today announced the release of its latest full-length personalized children's novel, The Secret Code. This Book By You® novel is the company's eighteenth personalized title and is the seventh offering for the company's Kids Book By You division, the first publishing venture in the world to offer full-length personalized novels.

The Secret Code

The Secret Code is our first original children's novel and highlights the mysteries and curious events can take place in everyday school life. The fun begins when our two personalized lead characters try to raise enough money so they can go on a thrilling balloon ride at a fair. Then disaster strikes: homework goes missing and their hard-earned money vanishes, too! Undaunted by this streak of bad luck and inspired by their love of mysteries, these determined kids use their own secret code to play detective, pass messages, interview witnesses, and solve the mystery.

A supporting cast of funny, quirky school friends both helps and hinders their investigation. Someone is lying about the missing items, and it's up to our dynamic duo of detectives to figure out who...and why. With the support of an adult and a pet (both personalized characters), the children are determined to persevere and answer all the unanswered questions: Have the money and report been lost...or were they stolen? Are these disappearances related? Is this all part of a prank on our lead character? Will our heroes uncover the truth in time?

This fresh, funny personalized novel is written for ages 6 - 12, and is ideal for parents who want to motivate their children to read full-length books. The Secret Code is filled with little mysteries involving the things that truly matter to kids' lives, such as friends, family, loyalty, trust, pets, rivals, treats, games, special outings...even yucky school lunch! This is a funny, exciting, and even touching book that will also inspire children to read carefully and solve the mystery themselves!

The Secret Code is a 150-page novel that has 19 features to personalize. Adults and children co-author the book by selecting the leading role and can include friends, relatives or even television stars. The character questionnaire, available on the Book By You® website, is fun and easy to complete with three main characters and features such as hair color, hair length, and eye color; you can even include a pet in the storyline. Readers can also add to the personalization of this beautifully bound paperback by uploading a picture to be displayed on the back cover.

The Secret Code can be purchased for $24.95. For more details and a free personalized preview visit the company's website at Click here for a PDF of the entire press release.


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