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Wedding Favors

A man who guides lost souls to their final rest finds that his latest assignment isn't dead: she's undead, a vampire who feeds on energy—and our hero is her latest victim. A personalized paranormal romance perfect for fans of True Blood!

Wedding Favors

This sweet, romantic tale features all the chaos and frenzy of wedding preparations. Our heroine, a talented baker, has volunteered to help out with her close friend's wedding, though she herself has vowed to remain single. Until she literally bumps into the hero, a funny, generous guy who's a friend of the groom's--and was also roped in to help with the festivities. Will this harried pair find their own way to the altar?

By Magic Bound

In this romantic fantasy novel, a powerful, duty-bound Wager Mage must return a stolen gem before it destroys the world. Meanwhile, our reckless, mercenary heroine is also searching for the jewel. Can such a pair of opposites save the world?

Fierce Moon

In this suspenseful werewolf romance, a modern woman is swept back in time to Victorian England, where she meets a brilliant, dashing detective with a deadly secret. Is our heroine falling in love with a true Beast?


In our first sci-fi romance, a daring, sexy starship captain clashes with a brave, beautiful diplomat while negotiating with warring aliens. Can they survive the final frontier of love?

Click for Love

In this Internet dating romance, our ambitious and irresistible heroine must decide between her perfect virtual match and our hero who is determined to win her heart!

Western Rendezvous

In this Wild West romp, our sexy, scheming hero tries to outwit the beautiful, feisty owner of a saloon - but she'll never back down without a fight!

ER Fever

When a no-nonsense nurse clashes with a dreamy doctor in a fast-paced hospital ER, the prognosis is positive: it's a serious case of love!

Racing Hearts

A skilled, sexy race car driver negotiates dangerous curves when he meets an ambitious heroine with dreams of NASCAR glory.

Medieval Passion

In defiance of an arranged marriage, our heroine falls for a roguish knight. Who will win the duel for her heart?

Tropical Treasure

As contestants clash in a reality TV show, the real prize is romance. The game of love has never been so wickedly funny!

Pirates of Desire

Our headstrong, highborn heroine goes overboard for a strong, sexy outlaw in this seafaring romantic adventure!

Vampire Kisses

Can someone be a hero and villain at the same time? Discover your heart's most dangerous desire!

Love's Next Door

Longtime friendship leads to much more when our hero and heroine learn that love can be found where you least expect it!

Hot Blooded

A human college professor and an immortal vampire struggle with their forbidden desires in this same-sex romance novel for men.

Seduction Games

Two very different women clash and compete while their mutual attraction becomes impossible to deny in this same-sex romance novel for women.