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Affiliate Banners

We offer a wide variety of banner colors, sizes and styles for you to display on your website as a Book By You® affiliate. Below you'll find sample image and banner ads for Book By You®, Romance By You and Kids Book By You and also specific book titles. To get started in the affiliate program, click on the button below. Join now and start earning your commission!

General - 120x60 - Buttons

120x60_bby.gif 120x60_kbby.gif 120x60_rom.gif

General - 120x90 - Buttons

120x90bby_gold.jpg 120x90bby_ltblue.jpg 120x90bby_lime.jpg 120x90bby_silver.jpg

General - 125x125 - Square Buttons

125x125bby_lime.jpg 125x125bby_ltblue.jpg

General - 200x200 - Squares

200x200bby_orange.jpg 200x200bby_ltblue.jpg 200x200bby_lime.jpg 200x200bby_gold.jpg

General - 300x250 - Medium Rectangle

300x250bby_orange.jpg 300x250bby_ltblue.jpg 300x250bby_lime.jpg 300x250bby_gold.jpg

General - 120x600 - Skyscrapers

120x600bby_gold.jpg 120x600bby_ltblue.jpg 120x600bby_orange.jpg

General - 160x600 - Wide Skyscrapers

160x600bby_gold.jpg 160x600bby_ltblue.jpg 160x600bby_orange.jpg

General - 468x60 - Horizontal Banners


Romance - 120x90 - Buttons

120x90_gold_rom.jpg 120x90_pinkgold_rom.jpg 120x90_coral_rom.jpg 120x90_green_rom.jpg

Romance - 180x150 - Rectangle

180x150_fm_theme.jpg 180x150_sk_theme.jpg 180x150_cl_theme.jpg

Romance - 200x200 - Squares

200x200_fm_theme.jpg 200x200_sk_theme.jpg 200x200_cl_theme.jpg 200x200_rh_theme.jpg 200x200_er_theme.jpg 200x200_wr_theme.jpg 200x200_vk_theme.jpg 200x200_pd_theme.jpg 200x200_tt_theme.jpg 200x200_mp_theme.jpg 200x200_lnd_theme.jpg 200x200_fm_stripe.jpg 200x200_sk.jpg 200x200_cl.jpg 200x200_rh.jpg 200x200_er.jpg 200x200_wr.jpg 200x200_vk.jpg 200x200_pd.jpg 200x200_tt.jpg 200x200_mp.jpg 200x200_lnd.jpg

Romance - 250x250 - Squares

250x250_rom.jpg 250x250_fm_theme.jpg 250x250_sk_theme.jpg 250x250_cl_theme.jpg 250x250_rh_theme.jpg 250x250_er_theme.jpg 250x250_wr_theme.jpg 250x250_vk_theme.jpg 250x250_pd_theme.jpg 250x250_tt_theme.jpg 250x250_mp_theme.jpg 250x250_lnd_theme.jpg 250x250_fm_stripe.jpg 250x250_sk.jpg 250x250_cl.jpg 250x250_rh.jpg 250x250_er.jpg 250x250_wr.jpg 250x250_vk.jpg 250x250_pd.jpg 250x250_tt.jpg 250x250_mp.jpg 250x250_lnd.jpg

Romance - 300x250 - Medium Rectangle

300x250_fm_theme.jpg 300x250_cl_theme.jpg 300x250_rh.jpg 300x250_er.jpg 300x250_wr.jpg 300x250_vk.jpg 300x250_vk_themenew.jpg 300x250_pd.jpg 300x250_tt.jpg 300x250_mp.jpg 300x250_lnd.jpg

Romance - 160x600 - Wide Skyscrapers

160x600_rom_coral.jpg 160x600_rom_pink.jpg 160x600_rom_blue.jpg 160x600_rom_hearts.jpg 160x600_fm.jpg

Romance - 468x60 - Horizontal Banners

468x60_rom.jpg 468x60_vk.jpg 468x60_vk_theme.jpg 468x60_fm_theme.jpg

Romance - 728x90 - Horizontal Banners

728x90_fm.jpg 728x90_sk.jpg 728x90_cl.jpg 728x90_rh.jpg 728x90_er.jpg 728x90_wr.jpg 728x90_vk.jpg 728x90_pd.jpg 728x90_tt.jpg 728x90_mp.jpg 728x90_lnd.jpg

Teen - 120x90 - Buttons


Teen - 180x150 - Rectangle

180x150_pp_theme.jpg 180x150_fb_theme.jpg 180x150_fb_theme2.jpg 180x150_fb_theme3.jpg

Teen - 200x200 - Squares

200x200_fb_theme.jpg 200x200_fb_theme2.jpg 200x200_fb_theme3.jpg 200x200_pp_theme.jpg

Teen - 250x250 - Squares

250x250_fb_theme.jpg 250x250_fb_theme2.jpg 250x250_fb_theme3.jpg 250x250_pp_theme.jpg

Teen - 300x250 - Medium Rectangle

300x250_fb_theme.jpg 300x250_fb_theme2.jpg 300x250_pp_theme.jpg

Teen - 160x600 - Wide Skyscrapers

160x600_teen.jpg 160x600_fb_theme.jpg 160x600_fb_theme2.jpg

Teen - 468x60 - Horizontal Banners

468x60_fb_theme.jpg 468x60_fb_theme2.jpg 468x60_pp_theme.jpg

Kids - 180x150 - Rectangle

180x150_pc.jpg 180x150_bd.jpg 180x150_gk.jpg 180x150_ta.jpg 180x150_tci.jpg

Kids - 468x60 - Horizontal Banners


Mystery - 120x90 - Buttons


Mystery - 468x60 - Horizontal Banners


Mystery - 160x600 - Wide Skyscrapers